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The enterdonat, originated in Sicily, constitutes 1/3 of the lemon production of our country. The average diameter of the fruit is 57.78 mm, the length is 83.34 mm and the weight is 108.14 gr. During the ripeness period, the amount of fruit juice is 31.39%. Our country is the earliest among the varieties of lemons. Ripening is between September and October, and it is usually an export variety.


This variety, which is thought to be of Italian origin, is the most produced and stored one in our country. The fruit has a nipple on the edge of it although it is not very developed. The fruit has an ellipse shape with an average diameter of 62.44 mm, a length of 75.55 mm and a weight of 122.18 gr. During the ripening period, the amount of fruit juice reaches the rate of 32.96%. It is a productive and a regular kind. This variety, which is harvested between November and February, can be stored for up to 9 months under suitable conditions.


The characteristics of the mayer lemon are continuous blossoming, thin and smooth peel. The biggest disadvantage is that it is not suitable for shipment and it has tendency for peteka in de-greening. When the harvest time is overdue, the fruit gets red and the acidity decreases. It is a very productive kind with an exotic scent, whose tree is resistant to cold.

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