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Marsh Seedless

It entered Turkey through Antalya Citrus Station, established in 1936. This variety, whose fruit flesh is light yellow, has a fruit diameter varying between 94-112 mm, length 80-96mm and weight 321-350 gr. The age and the fruit load of the tree determine these measures. The harvest of this variety, which shows no periodicity, is done in the middle of January, early March. Despite being a long-lasting variety, the export performance is gradually diminishing due to the tendency towards colorful varieties.

Ruby Red

Ruby Red, as a mutation of Pink Marsh, was grown in Texas in 1926. Its appearance resembles Marsh Seedless kind. The peel of the fruit is yellowish; the flesh is dark pink with few pips.

Star Ruby

It has come to Turkey from the USA in 1981. This fruit variety, whose peel and flesh are both red, is now unrivaled for export. The average fruit diameter is 104.7 mm, the length is 96.27 mm and the weight is 458.29 gr. This fruit variety, which is harvested in November - December, is now the most favorite type of grapefruit.

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