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Finike's history


Finike was founded in the name of Phoinikos at the entrance of Arykandos in the Lycian Region in B.C. V. century. Surrounded by Pamphylia in the east, and by Karya in the west, and by Pisidia in the north, Limyra, the capital city of Lycia, was a central port city from where agricultural products were exported. From the 14th century until the end of the 19th century, cotton farming was carried out in Finike plain. After this date, the first citrus tree was brought to Finike from the Island of Rhodes by İdris Subaşı in the beginning of 1900s. Bahar and Subaşı families, the rooted families of the region, extended citrus farming rapidly since that date. In the 1930s, the first Washington Navel species began to be planted in the Finike region. After this date citrus production has increased rapidly in Finike. Finike has become a plain where the best quality citrus fruits of the world are grown due to its excellent microclimate, alluvial soil structure and great water resources. Finike is an open area to the south winds, surrounded by mountains in the east, west and north and for this reason it is a region with high moisture rate. Especially the adaptation of the Navel orange groups to the region has shown surprisingly excellent results. The conscious agriculture practices of the region's producers have made it possible for the products to become unrivaled in the world markets.

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